Who says that Chrome and Firefox are the only mobile browsers worth having? Apps like Opera and Vivaldi are giving the big boys a run for their money and both have released updates with new features that should make it even more appealing for those that are looking for alternatives to the usual (or maybe those who are still on Internet Explorer?). Opera for Android brings an improved dark mode to version 55 of their app while Vivaldi on Android – Beta 2 brings a better browsing experience for their users.

While dark mode for most apps are fairly common already, what Opera is trying to bring is an enhanced and revamped version of it that will give you a more “pleasant” experience when you want to continue browsing before sleeping or in dark areas where you cannot disturb other people. Opera now brings you additional dimming features for times when the automatic brightness settings are not enough and you want to go “super dark”. You can also now adjust your light temperature for times when you need to suppress blue light components, the known “destroyer of good sleep”.

Opera is now bringing dark web pages feature and no, it doesn’t mean the actual “dark web” where bad things happen. They have applied some CSS changes to support an even darker night-time browsing experience, with “a minimal emission of light”. They also now support keyboard dimming and scheduling of your dark mode. In other news, their news feature has also been improved with new countries and languages and a two-column layout in landscape mode.

As for the Vivaldi app, this Beta 2 version brings new useful settings. You can now have the option to swipe to close tabs and also to show the scrollbars on the internal pages so you can see how far down the page you already are. There are also now some more customization options for the Start Page where you can access your favorite sites and organize your bookmarks. You can now drag and drop to rearrange your Speed Dials and long-press to see the context menu.

You can also choose to turn on the “Always Show Desktop Site” so that any tab you open will default to the desktop version of the site. You can also now completely delete all your deleted bookmarks and notes with the “Empty Trash” icon. You can also now install a Vivaldi Search widget from your device’s home screen to use the Vivaldi search engine if it’s something you prefer to use. The user interface has been refreshed and you get a more stable version with this Vivaldi Beta 2.


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