For those who are looking for an alternative to their mobile device’s default browser or would prefer a non-Chrome or non-Firefox one, Opera is one of the most popular mobile browsers out there. The latest update to the Opera for Android app, version 61, offers a couple of new features and a few improvements to give users an even more integrated media experience. This includes a new integrated media player, an easier way of doing screenshots with WebSnap, and an easier way to access the app’s QR scanner.

If you’re using Opera as a browser, you no longer need third party players if you want to play a video while you’re browsing. The integrated media player is already built-in within the app so you can use it as you watch a new trailer, a cooking video, music video or any downloaded media. It has Play Queue support so you can watch it in the order you want. And it also has picture-in-picture support so you can watch while still browsing for something else.

A new feature that they’re bringing over from the Opera desktop version is a new page snapshot tool. While your phone may probably have a shortcut for it already, if you want to screenshot from within the browser, the WebSnap tool is handy. When you snapshot the current page you’re browsing, you can also add doodles, text, and emojis before you share it in messaging apps or on social media. It can be accessed through the page context menu or the three-dot menu in the top right part of your browser.

QR codes were a thing of the past until this pandemic hit and they became useful again. Opera for Android already has a QR scanner but it was hidden somewhere in the menus. This update now brings it to a more convenient location, in the search box on the start page of the app. You can also access it from wherever web page you are. You can even create a shortcut to your phone’s home screen by long pressing the Opera app icon and dragging the QR scanning item.

Opera for Android 61 also has more than 300 fixes “to deliver the best possible browsing experience”. You can update your app to the latest version or if you haven’t tried Opera yet, you can download it for free.


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