When you’re browsing the web on your smartphone and you’re on the move, chances are you’re doing it with just one hand. But not all browsers are meant to be used like that. Opera has now created one that you can use even when you’re doing other things like standing on the bus or train or eating a slice of pizza. Opera Touch is designed “to be used on the move and with just one hand” and is full of features that you can also use with your Opera for PC when you finally get the chance to sit down in front of it.

What they’ve done is actually remove a few steps that you would normally take, like go to the address bar, search for something and then choose where to go based on your search results. When you open the browser, it starts in search mode because they assume you’re searching for something. The keyboard is also automatically up and the address bar cursor is calling your attention. You can also use the voice search function or scan a QR code when you’re in the mall or at an event.

You also have a FAB or Floating Action Button which you can always see on your browser screen. Tapping on it leads to other options aside from search like recent tabs, closing a tab, and sending the site to Flow. Oh yeah, Flow is another new thing that allows you to send links to yourself for later reference and establishes a connection with your Opera for PC browser. You don’t need to sign in or anything and everything is encrypted.

This seems to be an interesting little mobile browser that could that you might want to try out. You can download Opera Touch from the Google Play Store for free. If you use Opera for PC, it also has updates so that it will work seamlessly from your mobile device to your desktop or laptop.