Since we more or less depend on the Internet for getting our news and information, developers have been creating various apps and programs to help us sort through the glut of information that’s out there. Mobile browser Opera is now testing out their own app that will focus on news and search and they need your help to evaluate this new product. It’s still in the experimental stage but if you like testing out things like these, then this should be the time to do so while they’re still playing around with the final product.

The browser focuses on delivering to you a personalized newsfeed, which depends on the interests that you add and also based on your connected social media accounts, like Twitter. The news is curated into various categories, including hot topics, trending, breaking news. All of the stories here are of course shareable on your various accounts like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Just like other Opera products, it uses compression servers so you can save on your data and your battery.

Speaking of battery saving, version 38 of their Opera desktop browser brings a more stable version with the battery saver as the main update. They claim that the battery life increased 50% when using this browser as compared to other ones like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. It will even keep your laptop 3 degrees cooler, which is pretty important during summer when overheating may cause your device to malfunction.


But if it’s the mobile browser you’re more interested in, you can actually download and test the Opera browser – news & search from the Google Play Store for free. However, it’s limited to US users for now during the testing phase.

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