Android users are given the excellent luxury of choosing whatever browser they want, and they have many to choose from, including Dolphin, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Over the weekend, Opera Mini was updated and it now includes a new feature called “Smart Page” that aggregates social media updates and news from your most frequently visited websites.

Smart Page works by creating feeds for your favorite websites and suggesting others based on your surfing habits. We’re not sure exactly how your surfing habits are recorded and whether or not they’re used for other purposes besides the Smart Page feature, but getting suggestions on websites based on what you’ve been searching could be useful for some users.

Opera Mini also updated with the usual speed improvements and bugfixes. However, their pre-processing system that they’ve had implemented on their servers for a while claim to lower loading times for websites, and they’ve made improvements to it in this update, but our guess is that some of the other browsers out on the market are still superior when it comes to loading speeds — Opera has never been a front runner when it comes to this.

While the Smart Page feature isn’t ground-breaking by any means, Opera is going in the right direction at least. Other mobile browsers like Dolphin or Google Chrome are still the popular favorite, so Opera is going to have to do something pretty substantial in order to win a majority of Android users.

Opera Mini 7.5 is a free download and it’s available now in the Google Play store.


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