The start of a new year also means the start of better things for a lot of brands and OEMs and apps, and hopefully, you too. if you’ve been looking for a new browser to improve your mobile productivity, or if you’ve been using this particular browser for some time now, the good news is that Opera Mini has now brought its first update to 2016, and it includes better language support, a QR code reader and generator, and a better download manager as well.

With the Internet making our world both bigger and smaller, apps need to realize that support for other languages is a must. Opera Mini has decided to tackle this issue head on by having 90 various languages available for users. They can choose the default language which the browser will use and they will be prompted to do so after they’ve updated the app. The languages in the country where the user is located will appear on top of the list, but they can still choose from any language in the settings.

Other new things in this update includes a built-in QR code reader and generator as well, so you don’t need a separate third party app for those functions. This will make it easier to both access the products and services that use these codes and also to share links with your friends by generating your own code. The download manager has also been improved, with tweaks on the stability and speed of downloads.

The update has been rolling out for users so you can check it through the Google Play Store. You can download it from there too if you haven’t used Opera Mini yet.