Sharing files between devices can sometimes be a hassle and can also seriously affect your data consumption if you’re not connected to your Wi-Fi. That’s why any app that can offer you offline sharing is something to consider. The Opera Mini browser is supposedly the first major browser that is offering its users an offline file sharing feature. This means you’ll be able to send and receive photos, videos, and audio files even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Opera Mini is able to let you share files with other app users by creating a secure private network connection between the two of you. This is through the power of a direct Wi-Fi connection. Even better news is that it is actually 200 times faster than if you transfer files through Bluetooth. And because this is direct Wi-Fi, the connection will only be broken if you yourself decide to disconnect and not because of weak signal or something.

This is how you can start sharing files. Go to your Opera Mini browser settings and look for the file sharing section. Just tap on the Send button to share files through the browser or tap on Receive if you need to get a file from another user or device. You will then get a QR code which the other device should scan in order to create a connection between your two smartphones. This should be a pretty painless process that will save you time and data.

This offline sharing will also work with the Opera Mini’s download manager. So if you already have files that you’ve downloaded previously, you’ll be able to find them easily and send them to whoever you need to send them to. This will save you some precious few seconds in which you can do other things on your browser.

Opera Mini already has an existing data compression mode and if you add this offline sharing feature, you will be able to save even more data. Opera claims that it is able to save up to 90% of mobile data and at the same time gives you faster speeds when browsing.