Opera Mini for Android is getting a new update. The latest app update will include enhanced video playback on your Android device so there will be less interruptions. Speed is promised, as well as, more data can be saved with the new version. It’s true that most people have little patience when it comes to video buffering. Honestly, it’s one of the top challenges of being mobile all the time. There’s is the convenience of mobile connection and being able to access information anytime and anywhere but there is always the problem of speed and reliability.

Opera Mini is said to feature a video boost technology with the main aim of lessening delays and video loading time. Hopefully, buffering will be reduced since most people tend to abandon low quality videos. According to a study by Convina, about a third of mobiles users, 33% of them quit watching a video only within 30 seconds especially if quality is not good.

About 75% of people abandon video with poor quality after four minutes or even less. We won’t question the stats because that’s what we and most people we know do as well: close a video if it doesn’t play immediately or if quality is bad.

The newest Opera Mini 15 version for Android also offers a high-savings mode so more data are saved. When WiFi is detected, the phone will automatically switch to it. The app will choose the connection with higher quality so upload rate is also increased. Opera not also allows resizing images within the browser before uploading.

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