Opera Mini for Android beta

The Opera Mini for Android has just been updated. The web browser has been available for Android devices since 2009 but it’s receiving a lighter look and feel just before the year ends. This could be Opera’s response to Material Design but it’s actually more of a transition to a more lightweight browser for devices running at least Android 2.3.

The latest Opera Mini for Android is still in beta but app should be fully ready soon. Features of the new Opera Mini beta include private tabs for private browsing, improved speed, up to 90% of data savings, layout customization, bookmark sharing and syncing, and daily savings view.

To customize layout, you can choose among the three different styles available: Phone for a bigger viewing area, Class for easier one-hand navigation, or Tablet for easier switching batween tabs.

To view daily savings, simply tap the Opera logo and see how much data have been utilized and saved. Syncing and sharing bookmarks are also possible between your computer and phone. You can share your bookmarks with friends. As with any other web browsers, you can manage your tabs easily on Opera Mini, as well as, save your favorite websites by simply tapping the + button. The saved site will then be shown on the the Speed Dial start page of the Opera Mini app.

Download Opera Mini bet from the Google Play Store