Bad news for those using Opera Max: Opera is discontinuing the app after almost after three years of existence. A quick announcement was posted on Opera’s website saying that the company is focusing now more on browsers and upcoming services. In case you’re not familiar with Opera Max, it is a special app that helps mobile users to check, manage, and reduce data usage of different Android apps installed on a device. It is one helpful application but looks like Opera needs to be more focused now on where it’s always been good at–browsers.

We’re guessing this is more of a business decision because the Opera Max still requires manpower and resources. It won’t be totally gone though. You can still use the app if you already have it on your smartphone or tablet but don’t expect it to be updated to a new version with more features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Discontinuing the Opera Max app will mean no more updates will be released. It will “remain intact” for a period of time for the existing app users according to the Opera team. Opera will stop supporting the app and its users. If you check the Google Play Store, you won’t see the app as the company already deleted it from the list.