Opera Max continues to serve millions of people within the Android community . The mobile browser app reached the 10-million milestone back in May but before this year comes to a close, it has reached an impressive 50 million. Opera continues to be grateful to people who have helped them reach the goal. As a way to celebrate, the company has just announced the new VIP mode.

The VIP mode is a new feature that allows users to use privacy and data saving features. App data require big storage space but good thing there are the cloud storage and servers. The all-new VIP mode is ready to provide you with unlimited privacy. The only downside here is that more ads will be shown at times even when Opera Max is in use.

VIP mode will bring you unlimited access to all features of the Opera Max as a powerful data saving and data management app. Some new items and enhancements include privacy mode encrypts. You can also now anonymize app data especially when you are connected to a public WiFi.

For a paid VPN service, Opera Max is worth your hard-earned money. Aside from all the other features we already mentioned, note that you can monitor the apps that consume the most data and then block if there is a need. Your goal is to lower the cost and data usage all the time.