A new version of the Opera Max app is ready as Opera has just released a major update. The Opera Max 3.0 is turned into an Android smart assistant as it gets a new design and new features. Expect to experience an enhanced data management and more data savings as the app provides practical tips on how to optimize your phone and data use, as well as, protect your privacy.

Opera Max 3.0 will work depending on the context of your usage and your behavior. If you’re always on Facebook and find that it uses much of your data, good news because Opera added data savings to about 50% for the social network. Just use the Facebook web app on Opera Max and take advantage of a VPN connection.

The goal of Opera Max is to make your device performance better and less heavy on data usage. The new Opera Max 3.0 has a number of advanced features for the mobile users. The app privacy is very much welcome as it deters prying eyes and potential hackers.

App offers the following: unlimited privacy protection and data savings, personalized tips for app data management, and block ad-trackers. More data savings means more money saved so make sure you try this Opera Max 3.0 app.

Download Opera Max 3.0 from the Google Play Store