Opera GX Mobile

The last Opera update we mentioned here was about the integration of a media player and the addition of WebSnap to the browser. That was after the Opera for Android 60 was updated with easier syncing between devices. This 2021, we’re featuring Opera for the first time with some good news. The Opera GX Mobile is now available but only in beta. It’s another mobile browser but Opera says it’s the one designed just for you. The GX Mobile appears to be gaming-inspired but it goes beyond that.

The Opera GX Mobile features different color themes and unique features. It comes with a Fast Action Button (FAB) with haptic feedback (vibrations). It allows custom navigation so you can call the browser truly your own.

The mobile browser can be synced with your desktop browser. It’s possible with the Flow feature. It allows you to also share notes, files, videos, and gaming content. It’s encrypted so your files are safe and secure. Only small files can be shared though (up to 10MB).

The app offers instant access to GX Corner. It’s a space for gaming news, game release calendar, and deals. It’s ideal for real gamers who always want to be up-to-date with new games, news, deals, and promos.

Opera GX Mobile app for Android offers easier navigation and a stylish gaming design. The design options available are suited for the gamers. Choose from these themes: White Wold, Purple Haze, Ultra Violet, and the GX Classic.

Opera GX Mobile Beta easily allows one-handed navigation, thanks to the FAB. The Fast Action Button is set into two rows: the tabs (top) and the menu (bottom). The browser also features a cookie dialog blocker and a built-in ad blocker. Cryptocurrency mining from your device is not allowed as the Opera GX Mobile offers protection from such.


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