With a lot of people going and staying online now because of COVID-19-related reasons, it’s more important than ever that the apps we use are convenient and can help us save on things like data consumption. Opera has recently rolled out version 57 of its Android mobile app and it comes with a lot of new features including a better data savings feature, improvement on its offline pages, quicker access to Speed Dial, and other smaller but useful features.

One of the great features that Opera for Android has is the data saving feature which, from the name itself, lets you save data even while browsing and limit your bandwidth usage. The update to this feature is that you now have a data savings badge so you know if you’ve toggled the switch on. It also tells you how much data is being saved when you have switched it on. You can also just tap on the badge to access your data savings switch and other related settings.

Another important feature Opera has is the ability to save pages offline for reading later. You can now customize the storage location for these pages so if your smartphone’s storage is already full, you can choose to save the files on your external card. You will also be able to move offline pages more easily between devices through simple file operations. The UI has also been improved with updated icons, file size included in the list, badge in the address bar when viewing an offline page.

Speed Dials, which previously gave you faster access to favorite web pages, now has autocomplete to match the URL or title of a speed dial that you input in the address bar. As for viewing YouTube on the browser, you now also have the option to authentically switch to the app from the browser if you prefer to watch there rather than on Opera. You can always change the settings to suit your personal preference. For those still into cryptocurrency and such, they have made some improvements in their Crypto Wallet as well.

You can update Opera for Android to version 57 to enjoy all these new features. Expect more things to happen over the next few weeks as we adjust to what is probably our new normal. People are looking at tech and digital products to help with things like communications, productivity, and entertainment.


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