When you’re accessing free, public Wi-Fi in airports, hotels, cafes, you probably know by now that it isn’t as secure as you would like it to be. That’s why people would like to have VPN access except that it can also be not-so-secure and sometimes would cost you a bit of money to get that security. If you trust the people over at Opera, you how have secure, built-in, and best of all, free VPN on your mobile browser.

What a VPN does is create a private and encrypted connection between your smartphone or tablet and a remote VPN server. This means that the websites you visit on the Opera browser will not see your physical location and will make it harder for them to track your behavior as you browse various sites. Nefarious elements also won’t be able to get your sensitive information like log-ins, bank details, etc.

It’s also fairly easy to enable VPN connection on your Opera Android app. Just go to your browser settings and then enable VPN. That’s it. You don’t need to log in or anything as the VPN servers themselves don’t log and retain any of your data. And unlike other services, you don’t need to pay or subscribe to anything to have VPN. All you need is to install the Opera browser and you’re set.

Version 51 of Opera also has some other minor updates. Startup time is supposed to improve now. Your speech-to-text API support should also be better now, as well as your fast scroller feature. If you’re using a device still running on Android Jelly Bean, you won’t be receiving support anymore so you should switch to Opera Mini or Opera for Android version 50.



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