If you’ve been using Opera for your mobile browsing needs or you’re looking to try a new one aside from the usual Chrome or Firefox, the good news is that the stable latest version is finally rolling out. Opera for Android version 48 has several new features and improvements on previous features that you can now enjoy including the ability to block cookie dialog boxes, options for your browser startup or home screen shortcuts, and other UI and functional improvements to make your browsing more streamlined.

One of the most popular features of the Opera browser is the ad blocker. And now they’re bringing you the option to include blocking those sometimes annoying cookie and privacy dialogue boxes that pop out of websites nowadays. Just to the Ad blocking settings to enable this. You also now have the option to choose how your browser will look like when you open it, whether it will reopen previous tabs or just a fresh new browser.

Opera also now has home screen shortcuts for specific products that you want to use for those who are using Android 7.1 and above. Just long press on the icon in your device’s home screen and choose from the options. You can also now save your credit card information directly from when you’re making a purchase already. You’ll see a dialogue box pop out asking if you want to save the card. There will also be an opt-in for the automatic saving of passwords.

If you’re having a hard time reading texts from some websites, you now have an option in the Opera browser to adjust the text size and it will affect the whole layout of the page and it will work well with their unique text wrap feature. There are also some small UI fixes with this update, like a complete new clear data dialog, better autofill system, swiping to remove recent search items in omnibar, etc.

Version 48 for Opera for Android is now available for updates of your already installed browsers. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store for free.