Opera has been a great browser option for those who don’t like using Chrome or Firefox and they keep adding more features that should be enough to entice new users. The latest update for the Android mobile app, version 46 to be exact, now adds new features like themes if you’re bored of the classic Opera Red, night theme to help you read on your phone in the night, private tabs notification, plus some copy paste features as well as QR code scanning.

If you want your mobile browser to become a bit more colorful and different every once in a while, you will get this with Opera themes. You can choose dark themes or light ones, or if you want to mix it up, stick with the classic. Just head to the settings to choose your theme. You also now have a new night mode so you can help your eyes rest a bit when reading in the dark. You can also access it easily from the main menu.

If you use private tabs for browsing, you will now get a small ghost in the notification tray to remind you that you still have some open ones. When you tap on it, it will close all your private tabs. It is also now easier to copy or paste a web address on your browser since you just have to tap once from the address bar. You also now have a QR code scanner when you tap on the icon in the right side of the address bar.

You will also now be able to turn off the trending search suggestions if you prefer not to see them when you’re looking for something. You can update your Android app to the latest version to enjoy all of these new features.



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