Not all mobile websites are created equal. There are some that make it difficult to read when you’re not on a desktop or laptop. A browser’s reader mode, if it has one, makes life easier for us who prefer to browse on our phones. The latest update for Opera for Android makes it easier for you to read those websites by letting you switch to reader mode. You also now have an easy to configure the address bar action button.

In version 56 of Opera for Android, you now have general support for reader mode for the “less than mobile-friendly pages” that you will come across. You will find a toggle-switch in the address bar and those complicated web pages will be converted into the simplified and more readable format. There may still be some pictures and ads there but at least your eyes will be drawn and focused on the text you actually want to read.

The new reader mode puts the reload button in the ⋮ menu but you can also refresh the page by swiping down from the top. But you will also be able to put any menu action onto your address bar so you can access it quickly. Go to the Settings > Appearance and you can restore the positing of the reload button. You can also go to the settings more quickly by long-pressing the shortcut button.

Another addition to this update is that you will be able to see your recently closed tabs better. It will now show a list of all of the tabs you recently closed and display it in a chronological list. If you see the tab you want to reopen just choose from that list and you’ll go back to the thing that you may have accidentally closed or just something that you want to go back to later on.

The update to Opera for Android version 56 also has some more improvements and minor tweaks. You can download the update and start reading your websites in a better way.


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