One of the best features for anyone who uses multiple computers is the ability to share your bookmarks on several devices. This is one of the best features of desktop browsers like Chrome and others. Android users have the ability to share bookmarks with a new version of Opera for Android.

The updated browser goes a step further than just letting you see your own bookmarks on multiple devices; it allows you to share them with friends as well. The updated Opera for Android allows you to share an individual bookmark or a folder of them with anyone.

Sharing is done by tapping the Bookmarks entry on speed dial, tapping manage and then selecting the bookmarks. A share button beside the trash icon allows you to share them with a name of your choosing.

Bookmarks can be shared via Android Beam and Bluetooth to social networks. The shared bookmarks are placed on a webpage that can be accessed by any browser out there. The updated browser also has a bunch of other fixes and tweaks thrown in as well. You can download the update right now.

DOWNLOAD: Play Store