A couple of months ago, Opera for Android version 57 was released to deliver data savings features and better offline pages. A previous update simplified reading mode for not-so-mobile pages while another one brought PDF support and more under-the-hood improvements. The web browser receives regular updates from its developer and it’s getting another one. The Opera for Android 58 is now available to download and install. It adds group Speed Dials and improves the handling of notifications. Form elements have also been updated, following the latest guidelines set by Google’s Android team.

The Opera browser for Android is being updated with better Speed Dial folders. If you still haven’t figured out the folders, know that you can actually make them on your home page.

Drag an app on top of another one. A folder will be created automatically. Drag more apps into the folder for a more organized home screen. With the Speed Dial improvements, you only need to long-tap on an item to show a context menu for edit-delete functions.

Opera for Android 58 adds changes to form elements. The new forms you will see have been designed according to the latest Android guidelines. Notice the optimized usability and a more attractive look.

Last but not least is easier notification handling. By default, web page notifications are now blocked for your convenience. If you want to see some alerts, you can always unblock them. Download the latest Opera for Android from the Google Play Store.


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