There are numerous web browsers available on Android but we only trust a few names. One of which is Opera that has been providing mobile consumers a great alternative to other more popular browsers. The Opera for Android is impressive because of the built-in news feed. If you want to get updated with the news and current events, check the feed on Opera for easier viewing.

What’s also good about the Opera for Android is that it helps you save data. It does that by compressing images and blocking ads that are unnecessary at times. The latest update makes the browser faster than ever. UI is fresh after a redesign so browsing is more convenient and quicker.

Of course, you need to setup the browser first so your preferences will show up. Choose the categories and topics you want to see. What’s also good about this browser is that it utilizes AI. Opera remembers your likes, behaviors, and browsing patterns. Use it as often so it will understand you further.

If you’re fond of reading the news, take advantage of the reading mode so stories will also load faster. More customization options can be found under the Settings menu.

Some other changes include an enhanced address bar, new O menu, and a new tab gallery.

Download Opera browser from the Google Play Store