If you’ve been thinking about switching to the Opera browser, the latest update might just convince you to do so. Well, it will probably convince you if you hate all those cryptocurrencies mining your computer’s CPU so they can make money off of you. It is now the first major browser to have a way for you to block those Bitcoin mining tools. The update also brings other things like Chromecast support and other virtual reality-related features to help you enjoy VR content on your browser.

Since Opera has an integrated ad blocker, it’s easy to actually block the cryptocurrency mining tools as well. First, you have to enable the said ad blocker so it can do its job. Or you can go to Settings > Basic > Block ads and then under the Recommended list of ad filters, just choose NoCoin so it can block the mining. If you still like to have ads when you’re browsing but don’t want the crypto mining, uncheck EasyList and keep NoCoin checked. This is available for the updated Android app version and is probably one of if not the first one to do so.

As for the desktop version of the Opera browser can also now stream content directly from your browser to your Chromecast-supported TV screens or home audio system. And if you’re into watching virtual reality content through your browser, you’ll be glad to know that Oculus Rift support will be enabled with the update and those who own the Rift headsets can now enjoy the Opera VR player. They have also implemented software decoding path support so you don’t need extra extensions to be able to enjoy VR content.

The update to the Opera desktop browser has several more things to entice you, like saving pages as PDFs, a more functional context menu for your tabs, better unit converters, better VPN features, and ironically enough, the addition of cryptocurrency converters which support bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, and litecoin. The Opera 50 update is now available for existing and new users.