With the ability to carry hundreds or even thousands of songs or use streaming music apps on smartphones, many people use their smartphone as the source for music at parties or get togethers. If you like the idea of mixing your own music from two sources Openmix will allow you to do that. The sources can be two smartphones, a smartphone and an MP3 player, or any other devices that use standard 3.5mm headphone jacks.

Openmix is a miniature audio cross fader that can be used for mixing back and forth between two tracks. With the device plugged in, users can make smooth transitions from one song to another. Openmix will do more than cross fade between two devices; it also has a third input for audio.

That third input will allow you to connect another audio input device so you can add sound effects to the tracks from a tablet or other device running a DJ app. Audio is outputted to any speakers with a 3.5mm input directly from the Openmix device.

Openmix is on Kickstarter seeking $65,000 and has raised over $10,500 at the time of writing with 28 days to go before the project ends. Getting your own Openmix will set you back $39 or more. If you plunk down $59 you will get the Openmix Party Kit including speakers. Shipping is estimated to start in January 2015.

SOURCE: Kickstarter