Ever since its launch, OpenFeint has become extremely popular. With support for well over 100 games, and 8 million downloads of supported titles, it’s becoming the top social gaming platform for Android devices. Continuing on its launch streak, OpenFeint is bringing in 8 new games to Android today.

  • Jet Car Stunts (True Axis)
  • MUST.EAT.BIRDS (Mediatonic)
  • Solipskier (Mikengreg)
  • Frogger (Konami Digital Entertainment)
  • Bomberman Dojo (Hudson)
  • aTilt 3D Labyrinth FridgeCat Software
  • Word Mix (Greenrift Software LLC)
  • Kilgamore Castle (Hyperbees Ltd)

Eros Resmini, Vice President of Marketing and Developer Relations at OpenFeint also made a statement on his impressions of the service so far, and where he sees it going.

“We love the reception OpenFeint is getting from the Android community. And we’re just getting started; we have over 300 games in development for Android.”

So expect to see a lot more OpenFeint enabled games hitting the Android market!

[Via Techweet]