It’s a minor error on the part of Facebook, but as well know by now, every little or big mistake by the social network giant gets them into trouble either with users or even with the government. If you noticed that it automatically suggested you post in public even though you rarely do, then you’re one of the 14 million users that were affected by a bug. You have probably gotten a notice from them by this time so you can review your posts during this period and change the ones that you may have mistakenly posted as public.

Normally, when you’re posting anything on your Facebook, whatever privacy setting you used in your previous post, whether it’s Friends only or Public or Friends except or Only Me, it will be the default settings of your current post. But a bug showed up a few days ago which put Public as the default audience selector. So if you were used to the usual way of doing things, then you probably didn’t mind looking at the settings and just automatically posted. Unfortunately, if you didn’t want everyone seeing your posts, then you may have just opened a digital can of worms.

However, Facebook said they were able to fix the problem already. All the posts from the users affected during that time were changed back to the audience that they were previously using. They are also asking the users to review their posts during that time just to check that they meant to post it that way. If you posted publicly, you’ll get a notification which will lead you to a page with the explanation of what happened.

Facebook says the bug happened when they were testing out new ways of sharing featured items on users’ profiles. This may mean we’ll see new sharing features soon, although hopefully, they are already able to fix the problem so this error will not happen again. Right now, Facebook doesn’t need minor inconveniences like this, given all the problems they’re currently facing.

SOURCE: Facebook