While virtual assistants like Siri and Google Now have made our lives a little bit easier (that is, if you have a smartphone), there is still a struggle to actually get the results that you want when using it as a voice-search engine. It can get a bit frustrating when it doesn’t understand what you’re asking for, and of course since it’s technically not human, you cannot properly explain at times. The Ooloo app is bringing a human face (sort of) to the search, creating old-school customer service but in a digital format.

The process may take a bit longer and is not as real-time as Google Now, but Ooloo promises to bring better results because of a dedicated team of actual humans that will help you get the answers you need. Through the app, you send a voice-search inquiry, for example, “Is there a Greek restaurant in my neighbourhood?” and with a single app, you send the question to the server, where a real person will search for what you’re looking for. You can even add tags to easily categorise your question and the answers will then be sent through the app as well.

Before you start using the app, it will request permission to use your location since most of the inquiries can be answered better if they are localised. You can also easily rate the answers they gave you, depending on whether you were satisfied with the options given to you or they were just “meh.”

For now, the app is limited to US residents only, but who knows, if it becomes a hit, then it might expand to other territories as well. You can download Ooloo for free through the Google Play Store.