There has been a lot of concern from users about how “big tech” handles their data and information so privacy-focused apps and services can now swoop in to get some of that market share. Formerly iOS-only, OnMail is now finally available for Android users that want to get away from ads and trackers and get control over their inbox. While there is a free version, there are also subscription-based plans if you need more features to help you manage your email.

OnMail for Android automatically blocks those read receipts and tracking pixels that email marketing companies sometimes send you. You can also tap block specific senders, send large files, offers two-factor authentication, and password-protect certain files. You can also accept or block certain email senders before they even send something to your inbox. And if you want to get rid of things you may or may not have subscribed to, there’s a One-Tap Unsubscribe button.

The email service also understands that no one emails the same way so users can customize and design their inbox with Filters and Split Inbox. OnMail has a Done System that lets you tap an email and it will be automatically sent to the Done folder. It is a combination of archive, delete, and mark as read although the email can still be searchable. It’s just out of sight from your inbox. If you like reading newsletters, marketing emails, and other subscriptions, there is a Preview Mode that can be displayed in vivid color and is easily scrollable.

OnMail also has AI-based features to make it easier for you to manage your emails. Nudges help you follow up on emails that may have been overlooked. Smart Replies gives suggestions as you reply to your emails. Smart Folders automatically filter your emails into Shopping, Travel, Packages, and Events to make it easier to see them. There are also Unsubscribe suggestions, a built-in Grammar Checker, Refund monitor, and Natural Language search engine.

OnMail for Android has three tiers: Free, Personal ($4.99/month) with 100GB storage limit and 250MG attachment file size limit, and Professional ($9.99/month) with 500GB storage and 1GB file size limit and custom domain support. It is an ad-free service and does not rely on ad revenue so this is something that privacy-focused and ad-averse users can try out.


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