Onkyo has a large line up of home theater and audio receivers that allow you to get movie theater sound in your home. The company has announced a new app for Android smartphone users that will allow you to control all the functions of your Onkyo home theater AV receiver right from your smartphone. The app also allows for some other really cool functionality using the Onkyo receiver.

The app allows the users to stream any music stored on their Android device to the receiver over a WiFi network. The user will also be able to browse networked content from their device and play it on the Onkyo receiver as well. The remote app also allows the selecting of inputs and to control the zone audio plays in.

The app will land in August and will be a free download. It will work with all the Onkyo AV receivers launched in 2011 including the TX-8050 stereo network receiver. The app sounds really cool and I would assume you could listen to audio like Spotify streaming over your home theater system with the app as well.

[via Onkyo]