Going toward the end of the year when the shopping rush comes upon us all, there are a few things to get excited about from Android manufacturers, one of them is OnePlus’s promised second phone for the year (it’s third all in all). It’s set to launch in a few days’ time, and we’ll get the confirmation we need for the specs and all that, but we have here a leaked image for the phone’s pricing – equally important to us all.

So far we’ve heard prices rumored below USD$250, but with no real certainty. What we have here is what seems like part of the OnePlus X’s promotional materials, and it puts the pricing at CNY1,699, which translates to around USD$269. If true, that’s a pretty good price for a midrange phone.


We have to consider what your USD$269 is reportedly getting you with this new phone – possibly a 5-inch 1080p display powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, the same one that powered the OnePlus One. That will be reportedly supported by 3GB RAM, with either 16 or 32GB in storage.

If those specs be true, then what we will be getting is a handsome new phone, with a pixel dense display and a capable spec line, even if the chipset is around 2 years old already. This will go against the more recent 5-inchers out there, like the Google Nexus 5X. Will you get this phone?

VIA: GSM Arena