If you’ve got an eye for mobile photography and you want to test out an upcoming flagship from a relatively trusted brand, then you might want to join OnePlus’ The Lab. The program will choose 10 best submissions to their sort of contest and the winners will get to test the upcoming OnePlus 5 which we assume will be focusing heavily on its camera skills and features. So if you think your travel photos and foodstagrams or even your selfies are good enough for consideration, you have to join now.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a current OnePlus user to be able to join and get the opportunity to use their upcoming flagship. All you have to do is follow their official Instagram account first and foremost, @oneplustech. You then get to fill out a form and submit 3 photos from your Instagram account that were taken with a smartphone. They didn’t indicate how they will verify or if it’s okay that the photo was edited already.

The OnePlus design team will then get to choose the “final 10” entries and then these 10 will receive the newest OnePlus smartphone and start activities with The Lab. They did not indicate what said activities are or if this will all be online or in person. What is important is that you will get to test out a device ahead of everyone else and develop your mobile photography skills in the process.

There is of course no mention of the OnePlus 5 and they only referred to it as their next device. But unless they will surprise us with a different smartphone or mobile product, we assume that the prize will be their next flagship. So far they already have 11,063 applications and counting.