OnePlus Watch Cobalt Edition Instagram Exclusive

After months of rumors and speculations, the OnePlus Watch was announced with fast battery-charging technology back in March. As expected, the smartwatch did skip Wear OS. It soon received a software update. More stock were then made available. Another update was released that already included the Always-on-Display feature. The OnePlus Watch is even said to get a Harry Potter edition soon but we also won’t forgot that OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition that was earlier introduced. The special version is ready and OnePlus is offering the product through an Instagram Exclusive program.

It’s a first offer from OnePlus that lets consumers order through a local Instagram page. One needs to play to get an opportunity to buy the watch. It’s a unique way to purchase–one that is really one of a kind.

It’s really creative and gives that sense of exclusivity but perhaps not many will like it. But then again the OnePlus Community is different and we’re assuming the OnePlus team knows what they are doing.

The OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition has been designed with a specially-treated sapphire glass. It allows for enhanced brightness and comes with a Mohs rating of 9. It’s very scratch-resistant and is second diamond when it comes to hardness.

The OnePlus Watch Cobalt Edition Instagram Exclusive almost makes use of a Cobalt Alloy mid-frame. It’s a special material that is harder than stainless steel. It offers a maximum corrosion resistance, as well as, some elemental elegance. The specs and features are the same: a 14-day battery life, 5ATM + IP68 water resistance, and 110 workout types.

Watch out for the Invite Code hunt on Instagram. You can win and invite code that lets you buy the watch. On June 17, for one whole hour, you can start searching for the hidden website. It will contain the link to where you can buy the special edition OnePlus Watch Cobalt.