When we do online purchases, we give our trust to the sites that our sensitive payment information will in no way be compromised. But it looks like OnePlus may have inadvertently broken that trust as users are reporting unauthorized charges on their credit cards after making a purchase on their site, between October – December 2017. While there is no official statement yet from the OEM, there is already a thread up on their forums, asking people if there are fraudulent charges on their cards.

As of now, the poll reflects 48 “yes” answers, most of which were from people who purchased something on the site as far back as 4 months ago. If you read through the comments, you’ll see several users complaining that they were contacted by their credit card companies upon seeing suspicious charges on their accounts. They were able to trace back their last legitimate purchase to OnePlus, meaning the fraud occurred after they used their credit card on the site.

It’s still unclear right now how many legitimate complaints there are. The poll on the forums, while it may not be an official statement from the company, can probably be seen by OnePlus people, and hopefully, they’re already looking at the legitimacy of these complaints. Some people on the forum are saying there may be a “witch hunt” on OnePlus, but most of the comments seem to really be about their experience, which is worth looking into.

We don’t have any idea yet how far-reaching this problem is, but even one or two cases of credit card fraud on their site will hurt OnePlus and is not good for their optics. Hopefully, there is an announcement soon regarding this.

VIA: OnePlus forum, Reddit