OnePlus wants to know if you want the file manager feature kept. The last OnePlus 6/6T open beta update brings the file cleanup. This allows a OnePlus phone owner to manage storage. It’s like any other file manager but for now, it’s only available for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T units in the Indian region. There are some issues surrounding the phones and the new feature. OnePlus has shared data saved are stored in a server based in Singapore. They are protected by GDPR.

There shouldn’t be any problem but there seems to be a flaw. Even if OnePlus follows rules as it operates in the European region, the company may not be protected for mistakes down by the company in Singapore. Any leak or mistake committed by Tencent may be questioned.

File Manager Privacy Statement

The file manager usually uses local permissions instead of Android permission controls. Ideally, such a feature can be useful but it is prone to mistakes. You may delete large files and less frequently used apps. It should be useful but others may delete them accidentally.

In theory, this is a nice feature but some OnePlus phone owners are not happy that they want it to be removed for many reasons. A petition has been posted on the OnePlus forums saying why people don’t want the file manager. For one, a storage manager feature is already available on Android. Google also offers the ‘Files Go’.

The problem with the OnePlus file manager is that it’s not a standalone app. You cannot uninstall the feature. It even requires permissions.

The presence of Tencent isn’t helping at all. Not many people trust the company. Others are even saying the file manager can be considered as bloatware so it’s not really good. The accidental deletion of important files or apps is a top concern. OnePlus hasn’t made any official statement or move yet about the issue so let’s wait and see.