OnePlus 5T Wireless Charging

Is the OnePlus 5T gonna have wireless charging? No, not yet. The OnePlus team has simply clarified that it won’t have wireless charging yet as Dash Charge is still the best choice for them. The Chinese OEM acknowledged the idea that the technology is an exciting concept but it’s not fully ready yet to capture the mobile industry. It still has more rooms for improvement so while the technology isn’t perfect yet, there’s the current one that works effectively.

So is OnePlus settling with Dash Charge? We don’t think so. It will “never settle” for anything but it’s only wise to not use something that isn’t quite there yet. For now, it is good to stick with wired charging because of the speed. Dash Charge can produce about 20 watts of power in about 30 minutes. We don’t know the standard charging time for wireless but we know it is slower.

There’s also the requirement of having to align the phone on a pad. It should be easy but there is a correct way and position to efficiently charge a smartphone with wireless charging. If you don’t align the unit on the pad correctly, it may not properly charge or won’t at all.

And since Dash Charge is fast, one session is enough to give you juice for the whole day. It also stays cool so you won’t have to worry about overheating even if you are using the phone while charging.

OnePlus is said to “consider adopting the wireless charging technology when the time is right“. At the moment, it’s not the premium choice but maybe someday when it’s ready, the company will work on adding it as a standard feature.