OnePlus definitely knows how to take care of its customers. At least, we know it’s trying in the way that it regularly releases updates and posts announcements on its website. To say that it “Never Settles” is true in that area (although we’re not so sure about the performance of the devices). As a way of thanksgiving for the support of the fans and consumers, the Chinese OEM is holding a special event in September–the Open Ears Forum. This will be a physical event so if you happen to be in London on that date, feel free to sign up HERE.

The company values Customer Support and it’s not settling with status quo. It believes in getting “honest and constructive feedback” so it’s launching this program so the team can hear from people that matter to them. The public letter to OnePlus’ “Friends” says they want to hear the frustrations because they want to know if they are on the right path.

The Open Ears Forum in London is a first from the company. There may be more in the future so we’re excited to know how this one will turn out. The Senior Leadership team of OnePlus will be there to hear all the suggestions and feedback of the people. Hopefully this will improve the OEM’s service. It is important for any brand to hear the input of the customers so its leadership can better know how to plan and adjust their strategy.

The Open Ears Forum will happen in September. There is no exact date yet but you have until August 27 to register. More good news? Those accepted to join will enjoy free travel and accommodations in a hotel in London. OnePlus will be paying for your stay if you’re lucky.

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