OnePlus have recently taken to their official user forums to discuss a few issues. This time around we are seeing an update on production capacity, and also the reports of the yellowish hue on some displays. Beginning with the production capacity and we find OnePlus making it clear they are not intentionally holding back any stock.

There was talk about how they “didn’t expect the One to be such as popular device.” Anyway, as a result of the popularity, this quite simply, has resulted in a shortage of stock. OnePlus did state how they are currently “exploring ways to increase our [their] production yield.” But perhaps key at the moment, there was also talk about how the procurement cycle for the panel (display and touch sensors) is three months.

This means the panels they are currently working with were ordered before the official announcement was made. Specifically here, OnePlus mentioned how “before announcing the One on April 23, we didn’t anticipate this type of demand.” Again, they are working to speed things up, but it seems they were caught a bit short in the beginning and they need to find ways to speed things up.

And just in case there was any further doubt about them holding inventory, the company offered the following;

“As a startup, survival is a big concern. Sitting with excess inventory is something that can quickly kill us. Therefore, our initial sales estimations were conservative. We didn’t expect the One to be such a popular device, and this has resulted in a shortage of stock.”

Shifting over to the yellowish hue and it looks like some units are showing more of a yellow color (as opposed to a bright pure white color) on the display. OnePlus mentioned how they are “very strict” with quality controls and the screen temperatures have been “very similar within different batches.”

They pointed out how temperature discrepancies exist “for most expensive devices in the market” and have reminded users about how they can manually adjust the screen’s hue. To make the adjustment you would need to head to Settings > (under Device) Display & Lights > (under Advanced Settings) Screen Color > Custom > Hue.

And lastly, there was mention about how “the latest update of CM 11S is calibrated to enhance this “warmness.” Simply put, if you have a OnePlus One and the screen isn’t quite right — rest assured in knowing that OnePlus is currently working towards adding more presets to adjust the hue.

SOURCE: OnePlus (1), (2)


  1. This was a message from One to the 10 people that have a device. It is nice and I am looking forward to trying one out, eventually. Patiently waiting.

  2. Yellowish hue problem just happened with other expensive device, an Oppo Find 7a (Oppo=OpO) that’s rare,.same company same problems.


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