OnePlus seems to be very busy this January. Not just busy but also generous. After demonstrating how to properly root the OnePlus 2, here’s a good news that the company is bringing free standard shipping on all orders. For orders at least $100, customers of the brand can avail of free shipping. For other countries, different minimum prices are set. You can now start shopping for your next OnePlus phone sans the shipping fee.

Apparently, OnePlus believes good service starts with how one get his hands on the product. From ordering it, paying for it, and waiting for the OnePlus phone to be delivered, the whole experience matters. For those who live in Canada, you need to spend at least $150. Other currencies include EUR (minimum 100), CZK (2500), DKK (700), HU (30000), PLN (400), SEK (850), GBP (60), and HKD ($800).

Great specs plus affordable price plus free shipping, you can never go wrong with a OnePlus phone. It shows that OnePlus cares a lot about the customers but we can’t help think this is just another way to attract more consumers. Is OnePlus really selling phones? How many units so far? We’re not being negative here. We just want to know what milestone has the aggressive startup company achieved already throughout the years.

oneplus free standard shipping

We’re guessing a price cut will follow next after this. What do you think? Let’s just wait and see…