OnePlus is an interesting company. Full of bravado, they still have nothing to offer consumers. At a Reddit AMA yesterday, OnePlus gave a timeframe for when we’ll be able to see their first device. According to them, we’ll probably see their first smartphone in Q2 of 2014.

Whatever the OnePlus hardware looks like, one thing is certain — it will make the geeks happy. With software from Cyanogen, OnePlus also says things like unlocking their bootloader or rooting the device will be really simple. You can even install a different ROM without voiding the warranty. It’s also being designed with Cyanogen, tying their software into the device from the ground up.

Another interesting takeaway is that the OnePlus One (which is the current name for the device, and one we hope changes) will be available in ten countries, the US included. The device will be sold directly to customers, and check in under $500. OnePlus has no plans to partner with carriers right now, which doesn’t surprise us considering they want customization to be easy.

We do know the device will be a GSM handset, and work on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. It will support LTE, too. What OnePlus won’t be doing is making a CDMA model, so Verizon and Sprint customers are going to be left out. It will have stereo sound, and come in 16GB or 64GB variants. There are no hard details on screen (other than it won’t be OLED), processor (though they teased that would be announced very soon), battery size, or much else we want to hear about. OnePlus says the One will come in various colors, and they will have a case on offer at launch.