A lot of us are familiar with the open beta programs that OEMs and app developers come up with to have some “guinea pigs” test out their products and updates before it hits the general market. But there’s another kind of beta program that is for the more “elite” members of the community. OnePlus has such a program called the Closed Beta and now they’re opening it up for a limited number of spots for OnePlus 6 users who want to see the earliest stage of a build.

OnePlus says this Closed Beta group will be the closest to the OnePlus staff as they are expected to give feedback in order for the company to “refine or revise our product strategy”. The program also helps identify major bugs before it’s even released to the Open Beta and then later on to the official builds. It’s meant to not just be a way for early adaptors to use the software but even more so to help shape the actual builds based on their feedback and suggestions.

But since members will be able to try out the earliest builds of an update, there needs to be some high level of secrecy involved. Members will actually have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before they are let in the program. This is necessary since they will get the builds and features way ahead of everyone else, even months before it’s actually released.

To be part of the Closed Beta program, there are three things that you will need and agree to: you need to have a OnePlus 6; you need to be an active member of the OnePlus Community; and you have to be willing to constantly communicate with the OnePlus team. You also have to understand that they sometimes require flashing builds so data can sometimes be lost.

They will only be accepting 100 testers into the Closed Beta Program so you can already start applying if you’re interested in testing out OnePlus’ Oxygen OS ahead of everyone else.