OnePlus has tried to revolutionize the mobile industry not just by offering an affordable device with high-end specs, but also using CyanogenMod as its native OS. While it still has an Android-based ROM, this also allows users to tinker around with the smartphone’s software. And OTA update is now available, and CM 11S brings even more new features (and also fixes) to the device.

First of all, virtual keyboard SwiftKey and audio enhancement suite MaxxAudio by Waves are now integrated into the device. This is also part of the appeal of OnePlus: they allow third party developers (both official and unofficial ROMs) to be part of the device in order to have more room for experimentation. Even how you use your device’s camera has also now been improved, in terms of video focus. You can now choose to have it on auto, continuous, or infinity mode. There are also some seemingly minor but ultimately important additions like regulatory information, audio output latency optimization, LED overlays, and an ANT+ library.

While the update has added a lot of functions, it has also removed some things like unused key layouts, non-existent ringtones, an option for a silent alarm ringtone (really, who needs that?), and other unnecessary features to make room for a lot of little things. Some other general changes include improved audio policy flexibility and light controls, better audio headset options, upgraded SQLite to version 3.8.6, and upgraded TP firmware to 14001220.

One thing that OnePlus One users may be asking is if they’ll ever see an official Android Lollipop CM ROM for their devices. While there has not been an official word from the Chinese OEM and Google, with the way things are going, it may not be an impossibility sometime in the near future. But for now, you can download the OTA update here.