Fledgling company OnePlus is ramping up the marketing, with barely two weeks left before it debuts its first ever product. Now the company’s Facebook page is giving a preview of the first markets to see the OnePlus One smartphone, which it has limited to only 16 countries.

OnePlus has been meticulously leaving breadcrumbs along the way leading towards its big April 23 event, though it still manages to keep some sense of mystery left to look forward to on that day. With much of the specs already spilled, we are slowly building up a picture of the upcoming smartphone’s availability and pricing.

It is quite evident that OnePlus has a battle plan ready and has selected the very first targets of its attack. Among the 16 countries to first gaze upon the OnePlus One smartphone, two have already been identified, namely Austria and Germany. We expect more to be unmasked in the coming days, though it would be puzzling if its hometown of China would not be there. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for these manufacturers not to launch in the US immediately, though OnePlus, being entirely new to the market, might not be able to afford that.


So far the pricing that we have only mentions a rough “under 350 euros”, which would translate to around $486 when directly converted. If you’re interested in this upcoming smartphone, which has promised to have and be a lot of things, be sure to keep tabs on our OnePlus tag portal when the day of revelation finally comes.