The latest iFixit smartphone teardown has been shared. The OnePlus One was the subject this time around and we are seeing a device that was given a repairability score of 5 out of 10 and described as having a “fairly modular” design. The modular design is said to “allow for less expensive replacement parts” however going back to that 5 (out of 10) score and it doesn’t look like many will be doing home repairs.

In fact, the iFixit crew mentioned how the “battery is more of a chore to replace than necessary.” This comes to to some adhesive, as well as several cables. The battery was also shown to have its connector stuck under a plastic panel with several screws. But on the flip side, the OnePlus One makes use of one screw head type — and no proprietary screws.

Perhaps more to the point for many — these iFixit teardowns simply offer a look that you will not get to see otherwise. For us they are not necessarily about learning to repair our devices, but simply to get a look at the components of the device. In this case the OnePlus One teardown is a 21 step process and comes complete with many images.

Looking back to some of the other recent iFixit teardowns — there was Google’s Project Tango and the Fire TV as well as the HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Gear 2. Those (and others) can all be found using the links sitting in the Story Timeline section below.

SOURCE: iFixit