Perhaps we were too quick to jump the gun on OnePlus‘ explained delay. Just a day after Cyanogen’s ciwrl divulged the reason for the delay, OnePlus has now given the green light for shipping the first batch of OnePus One smartphone to the by now super eager and excited exclusive recipients.

The delay was blamed on new OpenSSL bugs that were disclosed just last week. Although some security analysts claims that these issues are considerably less severe than the notorious Heartbleed bug, OnePlus decided not to take any chances. It teamed up with Cyanogen, Inc, who was providing the custom CyanogenMod 11S running on the smartphone, to quickly patch things up. And quickly they indeed delivered.

OnePlus was happy to report that the CyanogenMod team was able to speedily fix those issues in time, causing only very minimal delay. At least relative to when they actually publicly announced the reasons for it. OnePlus has now also sent out emails telling the exclusive club of lucky recipients that their precious OnePlus One device has been packaged, shipped, and on its way.


OnePlus does end with a note that should remind fans, both present and future, of what to expect from the company. Compared to other players in the market, and even compared to its “parent” company OPPO, OnePlus is pretty much a startup who is still earning its sea legs and fine-tuning its processes. Fortunately for users, all such future updates and fixes will no longer stall any production line and will be delivered by the tried and true OTA method, as it should have been in the first place.

VIA: OnePlus