Just a few days ago, OnePlus said that they will be adding 16 more countries to those who will be able to purchase their OnePlus One smartphones and other future products. Now they are officially announcing that those countries from the European Union are now part of their roster, bringing the total number to 35. But just like with the other markets, you will only be able to purchase the device through invite or through their Tuesday 24 hour open sale.

OnePlus initially opened in 17 countries across North America, Western Europe, and East Asia, and eventually added two more, Indonesia and India. Now, gadget lovers from the following countries will also be able to see what makes this model unique, in both marketing and product development

* Bulgaria
* Croatia
* Cyprus
* Czech Republic
* Estonia
* Greece
* Hungary
* Ireland
* Latvia
* Lithuania
* Luxembourg
* Malta
* Poland
* Romania
* Slovakia
* Slovenia

According to the OEM, they have grown not just their markets but also their company. They started out with just thirty employees and now they’re up to 700 in a little over a year. Before they expanded to other markets, they wanted to make sure that they could provide logistics and support if they were to be made available to more countries. Co-founder Carl Pei will be holding launch events in Warsaw, Prague and Budapest. They’re even teasing that attendees may get a sneak peak at their OxygenOS.

Two variants of the OnePlus One will be available in the new markets: the Silk White 16GB for around $290 (269 Euros) and the Sandstone Black 64GB for around $320 (299 Euros). OnePlus is also expected to announce a new product category in April, with the OnePlus 2 debuting sometime later this year.



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