We’ve seen a fair bit regarding the OnePlus invite system and it looks like they are going to begin going out fairly soon. OnePlus has yet to offer any sort of specific date, however a recent post on the OnePlus One forums mentions how the invites will begin arriving “soon.” More to the point for this update though — OnePlus did offer a bit about who will be getting in on the first batch of invitations.

Details from the post mention how their system will automatically allocate invites based on three parameters. These all deal specifically with the forums and include your “forum age” as well as your participation level and your recent activity level. The full breakdown for each of those three criteria are as follows;

  • Your “forum age” – the earlier you joined our forums, the higher you will be ranked
  • Your participation – you must have a minimum amount of posts (it’s less than what you thin
  • Recent activity – we want our members to still be with us!

OnePlus didn’t offer anything in terms of the number of invites. But if we remember back to previous details — there was talk about how they would gradually expand. After all, those getting an invite are also expected to be able to invite others in. One important aspect to consider here deals with time — each of these invites will have a strict time limit before they expire and get recycled.

This is being done in an effort to keep the second-hand invite market from springing up. Essentially, you’ll have 24 hours to make your purchase once you get the invitation. Bottom line here, if you are hoping to get an invite and buy a OnePlus One you will want to make sure you have the necessary funds ready and waiting.