OnePlus Nord N10 5G OnePlus N100 Android 11 Update

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G and the OnePlus N100 are the Chinese OEM’s latest mid-range phone offering. The duo was officially announced a couple of weeks ago with very decent specs. They will be released in North America soon. One is a 5G phone while the other one only has 4G LTE but comes with a bigger 5000mAh battery. Both phones run on OxygenOS 10.5 out of the box but we know they will receive an update to Android 11. That is good news but now we’re learning they will only get one major update.

One major update means it will only get Android 11 OS. Security updates will be released regularly but only for two years. That is one year less than the three-year promise of other companies. Motorola offers the same two years of Android upgrades and security updates.

If you are thinking of getting either the Nord N10 5G and N100, you may consider this information. The two are budget phones so we don’t expect much. The 5G on the Nord N10 5G and the powerful battery on the N100 make them good buys already.

The new OnePlus smartphones will offer the latest OxygenOS experience. The pair will be out in the US and the US in the near future. This year won’t be over without those two out in the market. Wait for related OTA notifications, alerts, or special announcements about the Android 11 update’s availability.

Read this statement from a OnePlus representative as shared with our source:

The Nord N10 5G and N100 will receive one major Android update and a total of two years of security updates. The plan for these two devices aligns with industry standards for smartphones in more affordable price ranges. As always, we will continue listening to feedback from our users and looking for ways to improve the software experience for all OnePlus devices.


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