In the midst of all the various concerns facing people right now, the thing that consumers would want more from their favorite electronic brand is a…jacket? Well that’s what OnePlus is offering its loyal customers, or at least the chance to create a design for the jacket that they will give their “core customers”. The Chinese OEM is inviting users to co-design a community-exclusive jacket and in exchange, the winners willl get goodies and the jacket itself, as well as bragging rights.

If you have nothing better to do and just enjoy designing things or joining contests, you have until June 5 to sign up for all contest-related notifications. You can already download the template that you need for your submission or you can use their online design tool as well. The theme for this contest is “We and OnePlus” and so you will have to think of patterns and elements that you think will match that.

The design, which should be in PNG format and have to be above 120 PPI, should be submitted before June 15, 2020. The OnePlus Review Board will then judge all submitted designs based on relevancy to the theme, creativity, and aesthetics. They also said it should be catering to the Gen Z trend, although we don’t know if this generation will actually wear said jacket. They will choose 8 top designs and then the community will be the one to vote on it until June 25.

Everyone who joins will get 200 community points while the top 8 who will be shortlisted will get 1,000 points and be featured in OnePlus channels. The final winners will then get a “Special Edition” of the community jacket and VIP tickets to the next physical event (when that will be, no one knows) which will include return flight and one-night accommodation. You can submit as many entries as you can, OnePlus says.

As to who will be the “core customers” who will receive the jacket, that is still unclear at this point. There is no indication that they will be selling the jackets so we’ll just have to wait and see what will happen or whether there will be a lot of submissions.