OnePlus Launcher V.4.5

Never Settle. OnePlus truly lives out the motto especially when it comes to sending out software and app updates. The Android 11 Beta was already promised for the OnePlus 8 although the brand also recently cut down OxygenOS beta release schedule. At the beginning of the month, the OnePlus Launcher was updated with App Switcher and Quick Search Gesture. It was the Launcher v4.4 and now V 4.5.4 is here. There seems to be no slowing down for OnePlus but that’s expected since there are only a few OnePlus phones.

This update delivers ‘Swipe down to access OnePlus Shelf’. We’ve heard of the OnePlus Shelf but we haven’t really given it much attention. With the new swipe down action, the feature may be highlighted now more than ever.

If you have a OnePlus launcher, check the OnePlus Shelf feature. It lets you access simple apps like Toolbox, Notes, Contacts, and Step Counter. Those apps can be seen from the launcher. Swipe down to access instead of a right swipe. The new gesture shows the OnePlus Shelf immediately.

Enable this action by doing a long press on the Launcher. Click HOME SETTINGS> Swipe down to access , and the choose Enable “Swipe down to access” and select “Shelf”. You can do this on the latest OnePlus 8 phones sold in Europe and North America.

The OnePlus team wants your feedback. If you encounter any bugs or issues, feel free to send them via the Feedback tool option you see on the Community app.


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