OnePlus Zen Mode

OnePlus is all about living the ‘Never Settle’ motto. The Chinese OEM just proves that by releasing software updates regularly for all of the latest OnePlus phones. Different OxygenOS versions have already rolled out with the latest one ready for the OnePlus 7 Pro. There’s that one time a global push notification was sent by mistake but that’s forgivable. The dev team has always been hard at work checking consumer feedback and user suggestions so they will be able to work on actual bugs and errors people encounter.

OnePlus is introducing a new feature called the Zen Mode. What it does is to keep you “zen” by limiting your phone usage. It puts a 20-minute to the functions of your smartphones. Almost any task is limited from using the camera to talking on the phone to making emergency calls.

Apart from Alert Slider, Zen More may very well be the next important feature of your OnePlus phone. It’s all about being mindful of how you use the mobile device. It’s like Digital Wellbeing and other related apps that can actually help control your time and organize digital life.

A number of messaging and social network apps can be time-consuming to use because they are rabbit holes. They can show updates and notifications that may cause the user to check every time, therefore, distracting especially when you need to do a lot of things.

The Zen Mode still lets you be in control of your like. It’s actually a separate mobile app. You need to check it for yourself. It really is limited to 20 minutes–not too short, not too long enough.

Take advantage of your access. A Zen Mode stat was presented to the organizer. It’s only one of the many plans of the brand to provide control and flexibility. Let’s wait and see for the Zen Mode app to be released to your OnePlus phones.