OnePlus is venturing in other arenas. After several tries in the smartphone game, OnePlus has also entered the audio accessories business. The Chinese OEM has recently introduced a new pair of earbuds called Bullets. You may have forgotten that there was a similar pair released, the OnePlus Silver Bullet Earphones, but this new Bullets V2 pair looks more premium.

We’re still expecting price to be affordable but definitely better. OnePlus claims that the pair could be your “best buds” as each earbud is fuller and offers excellent audio quality. Of course, we’ll have to review a pair once OnePlus releases it in the market.

The Bullets boast of an aluminum coil wrapped in high-end copper to make listening more consistent. Pair is very slim and stylish. It allows high quality phone calls, audio listening, comfort, and durability. OnePlus teamed up with LOFO, German audio experts, to use their diaphragm technology. The pair takes advantage of ARYPHAN polyarylate diaphragm. The earbuds also promise comfort even in long listening sessions, richer bass, smoother midrange, plus more delicate treble as described.

Price will not go over $20. It’s listed as $19.95 while the original Bullets sold for $14.99. No word on availability yet of the In-Ear Headphones but it’s coming soon.



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